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Dear Nigel

​​I can't say enough about the service I received from your installation team and i-Power Systems. From the friendly Advisor Andrew that initially visited and surveyed our house to the surveyors and installation team that installed the system so fast and cleanly.

The neighbours keep knocking on my door and asking how they can get solar power too. Think I should work for you now! Thank you for the recomendation cheque that I recieved today. So pleased I went for Solar Power now.

Cant wait to see my next power bill.

Mrs W  Retford Notts​​​​​​          August 2013
Warranty 25 years
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Solar PV
The most common sustainable energy product on the market at the moment is the solar PV systems. These create electricity for your home during daylight hours free of charge and give you a tax free income guaranteed by the government feed in tariff. Yes you get paid for generating energy and it is TAX FREE!


Heat Pumps
Heat pumps are excellent ways of heating hot water. They are also powerful enough to heat the home through underfloor heating and certain styles of radiator systems. RHI is available on this product, so you get paid for all the energy you are generating. ​

Bio Mass​​
Energy efficient bio-mass boilers! Whether you are Oil Gas or LPG - switch to bio-mass - it works out free! Biomass boilers work purely on carbon neutral burning products, typically these are wood or wood based materials. Wood pellets are a favourite with biomass enthusiasts and are carefully sourced through dedicated yew tree plantations across the UK. RHI is available on this p roduct so again you get paid to burn and keep yourself warm.​

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Here at i-Power Systems Ltd we are very proud of the contribution that we are making towards installing Solar PV and Renewable Energy systems across the UK.

We back our work up with several gaurantees from manufactures, our own in-house and third party warranty for up to 25 years giving you peace of mind for the lifetime of your system.

​​I-Power ​​Systems Ltd are also fully accredited members of all the national governing bodies and associations.
How you benefit from Solar PV NOW !

The people at i-Power Systems believe in straight talk, so why are so many people installing Solar PV systems in the UK. Firstly, fitting solar panels can dramatically reduce your electricity bills plain and simple! Secondly the government has an incentive scheme that will actually pay you money for 20 years to generate electricity! 

Does it only work on a south facing roof? Does a solar calculator only work in the sun? No is the answer in both cases, we can install on multiple roof and split roof directions but don't fit them to northern roof
elevations.​​ A quick online Google earth view of your house by our team, will in most cases answer the question for you and us.

Free Solar Panels! Really?? This really proves the point about how beneficial solar power is. When you see companies advertising FREE Solar Panels they are after getting their hands on your rebates Feed In Tariffs for the next 20 years! Which more than covers the Solar panel cost and installation. Makes them a good a profit too. Is that free?? 
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